1st pro yo yo

What pro ball bearing yo yo do you recommend for a 10 year old who has never had a pro yo yo before?

is he into unresponsive play? than choose a protostar or die-nasty.
if he isn’t into unresponsive just yet, than go for a velocity.


I agree.

1st bearing yoyo for a young kid… any of the sub-$20 yoyojam or any duncan over $10… so the lyn fury, kickside, freehand, flying squirrel, etc. are all good choices, just pick what you think looks the coolest.

Buying anything fancier would be a complete waste of money.


Velocity is cheap and and adjustable to him though.

i don’t know about that.

The protostar is perfect if he wants to get into unresponsive play, and it it’s to much than he can get the die-natsy. The velocity is perfect if hes not ready to get into unresponsive play, so when he does want to get into unresponsive he can adjust the dial, and make it more unresponsive.

i’d suggest going with a phantom or a freehand. i like the velocity but it’s a terrible yoyo if you want it to play responsive. with the bearing that comes in it you have to crank the response to the point that the starburst grinds the string. not too much difference with the silicone shuttles.

In my perspective, if your budget is say… 25-30 dollars, i would buy him a pocket change and a Dragon Jam. Stock, the Dragon Jam is good for Beginner tricks. But if he likes the shape, feel, and weight of it, he can clean out the bearing and add some shims. You also have to silicone recess to if you add shims. You can only use the lathe, unless you remove the caps and remove the nub which reveals a hole which you can thread your axle through and allow you to do this on a drill. If you dont want to do any of this let him use the pocket change which requires a bind. If not, clean the Dragon Jam bearing add shims and put on barking spider pads.
Hope this helps!

if he likes unresponsive play the Protostar is the perfect choice!

very true i would go with protostar too, but it needs a good experience for binds. I mean i i first used it, i used like a triple bind to get it up. now, a single bind works fine. It depends on ur binding skills

The OP did say that his child is 10 and new. Protostar isn’t the best IMO.

he didn’t say new to yoyoing, he said never had a pro yoyo before.
meaning he might want to get into unresponsive play.

Why not tell him to get a velocity then? I mean that yoyo will take him all the way from responsive to unresponsive. Remember he’s 10.

i agree with that statement.

If he never had any ball bearing yoyos before then probably the yoyos he had before were transaxles or fixed axles. Velocity, or duncan’s or yyj’s would work great.

I don’t think the Lyn Fury is too advanced for a 10 year old if you put a drop of thick lube in the bearing to make it responsive. My 10 year old daughter has a dollar store yoyo that she never really took too much interest in. I ended up giving her my Lyn Fury and now she actually practices.

Plus the adjustable gap.

Lyn’s don’t have a adjustable gap…

yes they do.

really?!?!?!? i was told they didn’t