A Very Special Bassline: The 80s Arcade Carpet Paint Job

Ok Landon Balk of 3yo3 commissioned me to paint a Bassline for him so instead of just giving the final pictures I figured we could do a follow along as we go kinda thread.

This is going to be a wild one, Landon has some fascination with 80s arcade carpet hahahaha and this is the picture he sent me for reference.

Colorful isn’t it :slight_smile:


So far I have layed down the primer, and a base coat of a custom pearl blue/purple which will change colors depending on the light source. I then speckled on a very dark almost black custom pearl.

I have shown both halves here.

Half One


Half Two


Going to let this cure up for 24 hrs then we will proceed with a light clear to lock in that layer and then onto the yellows and reds.

Stay Tuned.

Ok first layer is locked in with a light coat of clear. Here she is outside in direct sunlight.


It’s color pops out in sunshine!

I LOVE it.

that look great already, when its finished its going to look amazing. getting the square swirls on is going to be a pain to do I imagine. I cant wait to see the final masterpiece.