3yo3 Bass Line | YoYoSkills.com Review

I am a fan of 3yo3. Landon takes some of the craziest ideas and makes them real. Yo-Yo hand turned from Acrylic? Check. Acrylic metal hybrid? Can do. Delrin? He’s got that. Landon offers many different options in yo-yo color, material, and responses. Over the last few months, Landon has been talking about making a metal yo-yo. Landon worked out a shape in CAD, sent it off to Ernie at General-Yo for input, and then had them machined. A trip to the anodizer, OneDrop for a Pyramatte finish, a buddy who specialized in laser engraving, and the Bass Line was finished. Truly, the Bass Line was a work of respect between friends. Landon got a gold Base Line in my hands for a review and I am more than happy to oblige.

YoYoSkills.com Review of the 3yo3 Bass Line