3YO3 Bass Line: High Speed YoYo Review

Landon Balk exploded on to the scene back in mid-2009 with the debut of his first acrylic yo-yo, the Cosmo. This freshman effort was praised for its amazing look and overall fun play even though some (ok, it was me) felt that it lacked a level of play necessary to be a true beast in the competition world. Even so, the Cosmo was recommended for its killer looks and fun factor making it a hit. Instead of resting on his laurels Landon knocked out an impressive amount yo-yos in various shapes and materials to cater to the wants of the community. At the time of writing this review it has been a little over a year since the introduction of the Cosmo and Landon has created a staggering eight different yo-yos, including a rocking collaboration project with friend Ernie Kaiser of General-Yo. What is even more impressive is that each acrylic and Delrin yo-yo is hand turned by Landon himself instead of injection molded or machined by a computer, showing the true skill of Landon’s years of practice modding yo-yos. Today we are looking at 3Yo3’s first foray into the world of metals, the Bass Line. Like Crucial, who recently released their first production metal, Landon has decided to drift from his medium of choice and step into the world of aluminum. Now we get to see if his craftsmanship and design prowess translates well in the world of CNC work. Being as how Landon is based out of Florida, we now get to see if the Bass Line deserves a trip to Disney World or if it needs a nice drop into the murky Everglade swamps.

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Wow, nice review! I was looking for one of these! :wink: