3YO3 Al5 - A High Speed YoYo Review


Landon Balk has been creating yo-yos since 2001, starting off hand turning acrylic on a lathe. In 2009 he brought his creations to the public with the crystal clear acrylic Cosmo, which was a gorgeous and fun yo-yo to play with. In 2010 he switched from acrylic and Delrin to aluminum with the phenomenal yet woefully underappreciated Baseline. Last year Landon stepped it up again with another material change and did his first titanium yo-yo, the Ti5. The Ti5 was a big hit in the community, with its crazy packaging, ability to spark, and spot on play. Today we are looking at the Ti5’s more affordable kid brother, the Al5. While it will not spark since it is made from aluminum it does come in its own crazy package. If it has the same level of play as the older titanium sibling Landon will have a sure fire hit on his hands.

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