3YO3 Ti5 - A High Speed YoYo Review


There has been an interesting debate as of late in the yo-yo industry revolving around the metal/alloy used in the creation of a given model. In the aluminum market there is the argument of 6061 vs. 7075, but that is pretty much a nonissue. While both have their pluses and minuses they have similar enough properties that they need to be treated almost the same when machined. For example, you can’t go super thin with the walls on 7075 even though it is slightly stronger than 6061 because it will still bend just as easily as the 6061 counterpart. If you want to just go bonkers, there is a material that will give you strength while machining thicknesses that would make aluminum whimper… titanium. Several companies have made titanium yo-yos to varying degrees of success, two standouts being One Drop and Vs. Newton. Today I am looking at a brand new titanium by 3Yo3, a company known for using absolutely crazy materials for its yo-yos. Best know for his acrylic line of yo-yos, Landon has also done some absolutely brilliant work with aluminum as well as solid Teflon. Now we get to see if his machining expertise is able to handle the tougher titanium.

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Yeah, it’s a brilliant yoyo and I take every opportunity to mention that I have one! :slight_smile: