A tutorial for all you Gentry Fans

So I recently got a request to do a tutorial on this trick. I believe it’s Gentry’s, or somewhere close to it, so yeah :slight_smile: I just gave it a fancy name.

You can also find the 3rd person point of view here around 1:26

Hope you all enjoy!  ;D


It looks like I am doing it right but when I dismount it never goes to a 1.5 mount it just drops


I am definitely going to learn this by the end of today.

i think im gettin this trick but when i release the thumb it goes into a trapeze not a spot were i can go into 1.5

Yay! I finally got it:D

When you drop the thumb it’s should just be a trapeze with your throw-hand pointer in the loop too :slight_smile: you’re really close! Keep at it!

Thanks for lookin’ everybody :smiley:

I’m definitely going to try to learn this, thanks for sharing!

ps how does gentry come up with this shiz? like all those finger and hand twists, it just boggles me…

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Awesome trick, love it.