A Trio Of 3D Tricks! 3D Hops, 3D Brent Stole, 3D Ninja Vanish!

3D hops with special knee cap breakdown :slight_smile:

3D Brent Stole

3D Ninja Vanish

Do you know how to do the 3D Picture trick 3D Rocket? I have been looking for a tut of that for a looooong time now, the only place I have seen it is the video from Sector Y about Mr. Longoria’s troupe going to 2001 WCR, but slowing it down doesn’t show me enough :frowning: So if you know how to do it or know of a tut you would forever be my hero :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

link to the vid?

Here we go it is at ~0:41

nice vids, though i like the one posted by d4rqk0n3 really cool picture tricks, though im more of a string trick guy