A throw for a 6 year old?

He has been playing with my DMII . I put the small bearing in and some thicklube to make it responsive. He is trying real hard at sleepers and brain twister mounts.
I want to buy him something nice for his 6th birthday and I am just not sure.
The DMII is a bit big in his hand. On the other hand, he isint going to stay 6.

Any recomendations?

have you asked him what he wants? does he want a metal, bimetal, is he fine with a celcon yoyo?

as for the size if it is a small yoyo he needs then you could get him a yuuksta for metal, x-convict, mini-motu if they still sell them or a simple but effective Lyn fury.

The question here is how much do you want to spend. Seeing how he is turning 6 I think a full plastic is in order. I have a 9 year old so I understand these things. The lynn is almost as big as the dm2. I suggest something smaller. If you can find a shinwoo phantom I would go with that. It does come with a vibe but its not going to affect him. I can do all my tricks on one so… There are many other choices. Just make sure the size is small enough but not too.small.

well why not get a fhz so he can avoid the possibility of getting one with a lot of vibe, plus later he can mod it for him when he gets better.

How is he doing with the DM? I would think it’s too big and too heavy for a 6 year old. Without knowing him, I’d say;
Kickside - bullet proof, response lasts forever (almost), no spacers to fall out. (I get a chuckle from 18 year olds that complain about this, but for a 6 year old…) Almost as big as a DM though, and you’ll have to oil it once in a while to keep it responsive.

Dragonfly - almost bullet proof, response lasts almost forever, big but light. Available at Toys R Us!But it does leap into a bunch of pieces when you open it.

Freehand2 - same as Dragonfly, but heavier, and sticker response to replace. Also at Toys R Us’

Mosquito - 6 year old size and weight. Cheap! Available at WalMart! BUT polycarb (fragile for a 6 year old) stickers to replace and spacers to lose.

Have Fun,

a velocity might work so he doesn’t have to mod it for unresponsive play either

Well he’s 6 for one and the phantom is much smaller than a FHZ. The FHZ is about the same size as the DM so…

lol I kept thinking that the lyn an fhz were smaller then the DM2 sorry :slight_smile: my mistake.

I would definitely go for a Peterfish Luminator. Found at Walgreens. Cheap. Great bearing/response. The one I have is indestructible basically. (Played 4a over concrete)

Can’t go wrong. Its basically the same size as a FH2 so may be slightly too big. But weight wise it’ll be great.

I would suggest the Lyn Fury also, man that thing is awesome. Celcon is very durable as well.

If you’re looking at plastics I think Duncan Throw Monkeys are great for kids because of it’s durability (it has nice rubber rims) and you can make more or less responsive somewhat. I have used mine to entertain many a kid/baby. :wink: It is kinda big though.
If you’re looking for a metal a Duncan Drifter is a nice yo-yo that can grow with him and it’s a little smaller. I have seen a 5 year old with one of these doing pretty well. :slight_smile:
They both cost about the same.
A Yo-Yo Jam Kickside is a little cheaper and plastic and it’s a nice yo-yo as well.

he said very nice yoyo not crappy 10$ walgreens yoyo

ok… A Peterfish Luminator with a bid of modding can play just as well as a Free hand zero.

It is by no means a crappy yoyo. Even stock I can land Plan D and Ladder Escape. Just because a yoyo is cheap does NOT mean that it plays bad.

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I totally agree. I love my Lyn and it’s not much money and a reasonable size for someone of that age plus it’s something he can use for a very long time as his skill progress.

My seven year old does really well with a Duncan Drifter- but at six he started out with a mosquito that I weighted so it slept a good minute with a hard sleeper. A cheap alternative to start him with. That being said- if your boy is an even tempered youngster who isn’t prone to whipping things around I would say that a drifter would be an excellent choice. Stock its very responsive but still sleeps a while. And if he hates it you can pull one sticker off and beefcake it and it plays reeeeally nice for a twenty dollar metal. Win win I’d say.

I think I am going with a DMII. He seems to do well with it. My Yuuki fits a bit better but The DMII will take him from beginner and up. He is a big kid for 6 and maybe thats why the DMII isnt too big for him.