A small rant about yoyowiki...

  1. The Radio Kwyjibo link: what?

  2. The information on Möbius:
    A. A Möbius Strip isn’t theoretical, I’ve made one before.
    B. If it is named after the Möbius strip, why is it called Moebius?

Yeah… That’s all I’ve noticed.


‘Moebius’ is just the phonetic pronunciation of ‘Möbius’. I guess it was named that just to slightly differentiate the two.

Not sure why it’d say it’s theoretical, it’s an easily observed property.

(Jei Cheetah) #3

Best not to let these things bother you.
Or else you will be bothered everyday of your life.
Go with the flow,



…Why do I feel like I’m reading a fortune cookie?

(Jei Cheetah) #5

I am the fortune cookie of life, the manifest destiny of the future, and the beckoning of wisdom to the meager souls of the world.

I also like parrots.



I wonder if a few people can take some of the time to make it look more presentable and up to date. Looking at it on the facts from sources and less on speculation or ‘original research’. It would be such a nice resource if it wasn’t so outdated.

I wish I can help out but with my limited knowlege with the hobby and the limited time I have I can’t do it.

(Zammy Ickler ) #7

It can be spelled either way, Doc told me once.
I stuck with the “oe” cause doing ulmauts or whatever they are called is a pain.


Agreed. Typing out “moebius” is much easier than remembering the ALT code for the umlaut.

Also, it’s a wiki. If you see something incorrect, change it.


Parrots are tasty…