A short chat with Charles Haycock


Here’s a short video I shot with Charles about his goals and what it’s like running a yo-yo company.


Of the inestimable A-RT??

(InvaderDust) #3

Good interview! Great to get an idea of future endeavors. I love the idea of yoyo convention over competition, for sure!

({John15}) #4

A yoyo convention sounds awesome! That’s pretty much the whole reason I would ever want to go to a competition, it’s just to be with the community and see vendors and stuff. I don’t think I would ever actually compete. What an exciting idea!

(InvaderDust) #5

Agreed!I went to worlds 2016, and plan on making worlds 2019 but have zero interest in the competition. I just want to rub shoulders, make friends, learn, teach, and share as much as possible with the community.


I had to look that up, but yeah, that sounds like the same dude.