A sad story kinda

Ok today at yo-yo club my friend Devin’s dm’s axle broke through the side because hes learning offstring on the concrete(stupid idea). Then when we were about to go home for the day this other kid was doing offstring, when he tried to do a toss and catch he tossed it way to high and far and when it hit the ground it shattered like glass. ???

I thought this was really weird! ??? ???

Hahahahaha! That is pretty funny! I would love to see that happen!

awwww man. that sucks. that happens to me a lot too. was it an official offstring yoyo, you know like the rubber rimmed ones.if so, it will be alright.


not it was a legacy that shattered, and a dm that axle broke

Legacy shattered… Pics or it didn’t happen lol.

we dont have pics we didn’t bring the camera this time

The legacy is made from celcon. An extremely durable plastic. It shattering seems almost impossible. Did he keep the pieces? Take a pic of those.

i dont have pics he took it home to show his parents!


Jk, sorry that happened. :’(

yeah but im lucky those yo-yo’s weren’t mine! :smiley:

I am not saying the OP’s story is true or not but saying it is impossible to do is asinine. For Example, I doubt any of you would believe that a casing from a 9mm bullet falling less than a foot as it is ejected from a Pistol would have enough force to pop the primer on a live 9mm bullet.

This story, even though it is neigh impossible odds, did in fact happen. I read it in an article of “Guns and Ammo” whilst I was in Iraq.

Wow that really stinks…like a week ago when id had my shinwoo zen for 4 days my friend hit it on the ground now it has vibe :frowning: tried tuning, doesnt work…no dings whatsoever, stinkin axle…i wish they made the axle as good as the finish on the yoyo lol

True dat! ;D