A-rt and other bearingized woods!

completely new to bearingized wood throws, and have been really intrigued of late! i’ve only ever used wood fixies. for those with a-rt woods (or other models within this genre), how do they play? would love to hear all opinions and stories on 'em! : )


I have one from @Glenacius_K. It plays amazing! Dont get me wrong, it does have some vibe and isnt the longest spinning, but for a wood yoyo it plays exceptionally well.


I have a few with Cabal Guts and they are really fun. They do have vibe and the weights vary, but there is just something about wood that feels special. There is also a lot less performance than metals, but the Player can make up for this with smooth paly and trick selection which opens up creativity, again fun trick exploration. The A-RT woods are a blast because the shapes are very regen friendly, on top of that Jensen is just an Artist and a little bit of his soul is in each one. Better check IG, the Glaze Donuts might be dropping soon I gather.


Yeah, I agree with exmime, for me I love them because they have a very even weight distribution so it feels super floaty and easy to control, they also help you perfect your tricks due to the high walls.


I have the Woodboy, the Peon, and two Spinworthys, all with the Cabal guts.

My favorite as an unresponsive is the Woodboy, but they are all fun and surprisingly capable!

The cool thing about the Cabal guts in a wood yoyo, is that since the wood where the hub sits is a bit thicker, it’s possible to swap in a 1/2 spec bearing without any modification. When I’ve tried it, the 1/2 spec in this setup plays better than other 1/2 spec setups I’ve tried.

The Cypress pine I have from @Glenacius_K is a fantastic yoyo set up this way! Definitely my favorite of the 4, but of course a bit of apples to oranges, to compare to the others as unresponsives. Show some wooden yoyos you've made

The Woodboy is also a lot of fun with the 1/2 spec.

To me the little bit a vibe they makes them seem a little alive, or like little machines with motors in them. For certain things you might be working on, especially where you need to know how fast the yoyo is spinning, it gives you better feedback.

If you like experiencing deferent yoyoing sensations, a bearingized wood is a nice addition.