A-RT 420 ~ A Kind Review ~


Coming in swinging hard with their new gentle giant. It’s Huge, it’s beautiful, and it’s a slow rolling powerhouse of chilling proportions. It also hits a theme that is rarely brought up but pleases me a great deal to see proper representation of our counter culture’s preferences. Can’t help but smile. :smiley:

It is finally time.

It’s here.

Its the 420!

Official Specs

Ok, so what does that mean?
It means its Big, but it’s Light! Its nimble and moves like a much smaller yoyo. I thought it was gonna feel weird. I always thought the Grail felt like a big yoyo compared to my usually tastes, so I figured that the 420 would feel like a beach ball. This, however, was not the case. It fits in my hand like its always been there.

There is something soft here. The weight to size is confusing on paper but amazing on the string. This is very comfortable and surprisingly natural. It just feels “right.” Chopsticks are easily hittable in contrast to what you may think. It is not heavy rim weighted, so sloppy planes, and poor control will be shown to you in the form of tilting. The training wheels are off so to speak.

Its gap is kind of a K shaped. Sort of a softened H/O hybrid. The walls are higher and the gap is a touch narrower than the run-of-the-mill competition geared throws. This makes it supreme for regens and low RPM stability.

It encourages a different kind of play than what Im used to. While this yoyo can go about as fast as you want, you can tell its not meant for that. It wants to slow down and relax. It wants you to chill out and slow your roll. And by doing so you are rewarded with a whole new way to play. Bobbin’ and jivin’ as opposed to rippin’ and tearin’. No need to throw it hard.

It’s sensitive but doles out happy times when you are doing it right. It binds smooth and tight. A fat string makes it even more eager to return.

My DS bearing came dry and LOUD. Even after lubing, it was a banshee. Swapped it out for another DS and it hushed down nicely. The sound of the string whipping it is a lower bong vs a high pitched ting.

If you can find its level, you may find a new core throw in your arsenal. I was skeptical, but the risk was worth it. A-RT knows how to make stellar yoyos. While they may look lack luster in flourish and fancy design. The cup is plain but the play is undeniable. Chuck and Jensen are heading in the right direction. Not following the trends, fads, or big names and knocking em out of the park one after another.

Not the easiest to get your hands on, but if you can get one, you should. I’ve gotten so used to the size that the Grail now feels small, and the TiPeak seems mini!! I Love it and will likely keep this big guy forever.

Here is the Grail INSIDE the cup of the 420

All in all I am very impressed. I enjoy the new directions it taking me.

Its always 420 somewhere. 8)


And judging from Jensen’s stuff with it, low RPM regens.

Thanks for the great review. I need to own an A-RT.

Agree with your opinions entirely! I got to try one out a couple weeks ago and liked it WAY more than I expected to from the dimensions. Just a giant comfortable fun yo-yo!

Absolutely Right-On! Good job on the review…I liked it!
I felt the same way when I 1st picked up the Ozone and the Pax…both play very similar w/high walls!

I missed the last run. i’ll have to try for the next one.