A repeater I made (I think anyway...) "Life on Mars"


I really like repeaters. Here’s one I made up. (At least I think I did, never know if it’s already been done)

My son asked me what it’s called and I said “Life on Mars” cause David Bowie. (Big fan here…)

Starts with a Houdini mount. Underpass the yoyo with the strin on your TH index. Roll to the right over the from string. Drop the front string off your TH index. Roll everything back to the left.


(⛷ Noisy Lurker) #2

Nice little repeater that has a pleasing feel and flow. Thanks for sharing.


Fun, I changed it up a bit, but started from your element.
I agree repeaters are fun, and for me the most meditative.

Lately I have been trying to combine repeaters, you get a long trick out of it, and gets me thinking on useful transitional moves.

Some repeaters can be combined 1 rep A, 2 rep B, 1 rep A, 2 rep B,(or any combination you like) and I might work with it… maybe


Great trick. Thank you for sharing!
I don’t suppose you’re here in Vegas…? If so let’s meet up…


Very nice. Than you for sharing!


Nah, Michigan here. :slight_smile: (the vegabomb is an old Hot Wheel)


Ah well… Thanks again for the video!


I’m embarrassed at how long it took me to learn “Life on Mars”, but, it is a fun repeater that can work into lots of stuff. Thanks!


I’m glad you like it! You can also do it from a regular double or nothing but it’s a little trickier.