A quick explanation of why I love YYF.

Some people are getting a bit annoyed at me for only wanting YYF throws right now, so I would just like to explain. If you are going to criticize please do it through PM at least so there is no thrashing discussion here. I live near the root of YYF in Scottsdale, AZ. I go to clubs they run and they have helped me learn tricks, buy yoyos, care for my products, and grow as a player. These are some of the nicest people I have ever met. I feel as if I should be giving back. When Harold was visiting down here, he showed me so much. He was such a cool guy and even my mom liked him a lot haha. Clint has shown me a huge amount of tricks and Tyler has supported me the whole way, helping me especially before my first contest, where I made it out to finals. This is huge to me. Officially they have taken me under their wing as a player, and I get some of the benefits a sponsored player would get (but not all). In return I promote. I own many other brands of yoyo still, I just don’t show it. Please bear with me, don’t think I’m just some fanboy or anything.

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Why apologize? It appears to me, rather than this thread being an apology/explanation, it should be an appreciation thread.

Like and collect what you enjoy for your own reasons.

Just my own opinion on the subject.


Just remembering threads in the past of why people don’t like kids who like specific brands.

So true man! Yyf is so nice when I was down in az last summer they were soo nice and welcoming for that I return that by buying there products and they got a yoyo for everyone