Good contact for YYF?

I’ve been trying for months to get a hold of them about a wholesale catalog so I can provide their products to my community. Any help with this is much appreciated!

Sorry, reading comprehension issues.

Good luck



You could probably contact them using the “Contact Us” tab on their website!

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Tried a couple times

I’ve not had any luck contacting them either

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you could try their fb page too

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I’ve rarely had success emailing however I’ve had success emailing and getting Chris or Ben

You could also try calling them tel:+14807533444

It’s unlikely the Facebook page will give you much results but you could try the yoyo factory insider group that Ben and Chris are active in

The yyf instagram page probably would yield results too as that hits there dedicated social media guy.


Going want to use Facebook messenger most likely. Or the inside scoop page. They are not easy to contact I’ve been in the same boat tried many times with no luck and just went with a different company to give money to.

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I really like some of their throws for beginners. I’ve tested many. I want people to be happy with their gift/purchase. I have talked with Duncan and Magic. Plan on getting Duncan first yo, and pulse. Magic yoyo Dawn D3 and D1, Magic strings. I really want to supply YYF spinstar, arrow, DNA, bullseye, and loop 720. I hope I find a way to work with them. My target audience is complete beginners and people who have seen clips online. Going to do meet ups 2+ times a month. I will have a “table” were they can buy/win yoyo supplies/refreshments. Hopefully do old school contest and expand on that as/if the local community gets better. Any tips/ideas on what yoyos/accessories I should carry is greatly appreciated.


Should reach out to the site here too. They have a special program for clubs not sure of all the logistics. As for beginner yo-yos I think the wholesale price of magic yoyo k2s is hard to beat and it’s a great starter yoyo with all beginners need plus the ability to dna easily which kids enjoy.

Then I would aim to have at least something to demo and show off each of the other divisions.

K8s, n12s and nodes are great for 3a

Sunrises, initiators, and blitz balls good for 2a, 720s too but have to be careful with spacers.

Don’t do 4a so no suggestions on that.

5a just pick up some cheap counter weights and use any yoyo you already have the ones listed for 3a also work well for 5a.


Mission succeeded!

What method got you the success for future reference?

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Not sure. Hans emailed me directly

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Customer support half of the time for me responds but doesnt alot.

I have emailed @YOHANS and Ben ditectly in the past. They sometimes answer, they sometimes don’t.

More recently, I sent them both my design for a modernised DV888 and received no response.

Now that could be for two reasons:

One, they are busy people and it slipped through the cracks with other less important and unread emails.

Two, they saw the design and were totally uninterested.

I’m going with the second. :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::laughing:


I contacted him for you. We’ve been friends for over 20 years and talk on a regular basis.

Hans and Ben are 2 of the busiest people I know or have ever known.

I asked Hans, for future reference, what is the best way to contact YYF?

He said………

Both of them are Excellent communicators and shy certainly isn’t a trait of either of them.

They are both hands on guys that have never elevated themselves to ‘just paperwork’.

It is not unusual when I call Hans, for him to just put me on Speakerphone, because he may be boxing products, assembling products/and/or/testing yo-yos. They stay involved in every aspect of their Business…it’s truly Amazing these guys are so yo-yo centric.

I don’t work for Yoyofactory…. But if you ever have difficulty getting in direct contact with YYF, I will just copy and paste your concern(s) to them for you.

No problem….


Thank you very much