Any way to contact Yoyonation?


I remember ordering a Yoyofactory G5 in 2011, i waited for a month and it never showed up! At that time I’ve taken a break from yoyoing so I thought it didn’t matter. But I started yoyoing again and I looked up their site and found out that they closed. Is there anyway to contact Yoyonation or get the yoyo in any other way? Help would be appreciated! :slight_smile:


Yoyonation has been closed for quite some time now. The former owner lives in the Philippines. I’m afraid you’re probably out of luck as far as resolving your problem.


Check your Messages


Jeez. Way to wait 3 years lol.


Their Youtube channel…?


It’s pretty safe to say that you are out of luck. There was no reason to wait this long anyway.

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The owner skipped out of country and still owes a lot of people money.

You, in the parlance of our times, are out of luck.


In the Movie,‘Pee Wee Herman’s’ Big Adventure; there was this magic lady with a Crystal Ball, that told Pee Wee his missing bicycle was in the Basement, at the Alamo. She might be able to help?

On the other hand, if it doesn’t cost more than 20 something bucks for shipping; PM me your address and I will send you a YYF G5 for…FREE

That might work out for you.

I never did care much for the way Pat blew town and left people hanging.


Damn. I didn’t know Pat left like that. Was wondering how a few kids managed to take down a company moving a million+ worth of stuff a year. They must’ve been well on their way out already.