A question for string makers or string enthusiasts...

What are the strand measurements I’ve been seeing lately? 10x2, 14x12, etc…

I have no idea what these mean. ???

I’ve been making strings for years and I still don’t understand the numbering system.

I’d love if someone explained it.

I’ve been making string for 4 months and didn’t know there was a numbering system… But I would assume it’s thread count. Example: 10 Serger by 4 Trilobal

The yoyo wiki entry explains it quite well. It basically comes down to how many threads are used to make the threads to make the string.

Cut off a small piece of yoyo string and then separate the twists (so you are only holding ‘half’ a string). Take that piece and untwist it. Count how many threads there are. That will be the one number. Then take one of those threads and untwist, the thread you count here will be the other number. I can’t remember which number is supposed to be first, but you should be able to work it out easily.

Ahhh, I see. I didn’t even realize that strings consisted of so many smaller strands. I new there were two “halves” and each half untwisted into smaller strands, but I wouldn’t have guessed that each of THOSE strands also untwisted. Geeesh. They are tiny.