A question about Auldey.

Are Auldey yoyos worth any time or money for consideration? I am thinking of the Phoenix and the “moon”?

Been offered a good deal on the. And just had t heard anything about the. At all.

Luminous, Cold Ice and Pisces are imo the only old auldeys that can ever remotely be called ‘‘good’’.
I d suggest waiting a bit longer for them to release everything in the blazing teens 5 series. They had already released a couple good plastics, and among other things there will also be a cheaper, mass produced ares star clone coming out.

_The ares star ish thing apparently called the ''Occult Demon"

Yes, there are 3 that are worth it. They are all signatures of Marcus Koh. The 2011 World yoyo Champion.
They are the Ares Stars (blue), Magnum (Red) and the new Equilibrium (gold/orange). They all perform at YYR level metal.

Never get anything from Auldey that looks like a bootleg of something… they are actually capable of making good yoyos, just many of their past releases are simply bootleg of famous yoyos. Today however they started getting better by making original designs (especially Marcus’s sig), but the image of cheap bootleg company is still there, which often (always) turn me down.