A probably bad idea


Well, looking through the BST, there seems to be so many threads for just a few yoyos. It seems to me that it would be better if there was a master list sort of thing. One list with yoyos grouped by manufacturer, each person could post their yoyos and the price and condition. And then if you want a yoyo, just look through the list to see who has the lowest offer.


That sounds like a good idea. Buyers would profit because everything is in one place, sellers would profit because you can’t choose not to look at their stuff because its all one thread.


That would require allowing people to edit the topic, thus opening it up to all sorts of mayhem and shenanigans. Or a moderator would have to compile the list periodically. Doesn’t look workable to me.


Or you could have something that would only allow you to enter your own stuff and modify just your stuff. Like you could have to enter your account password or something.


This would be amazing if it could happen, but like jhb8246 said…


Well, you could only post your own yoyos and such. No editing other people’s yoyo posts.


Then wouldn’t that be what we have now…


Not going to happen. It’s amazing that Andre and the folks over at YYE even allow there to be a BST since it essentially detracts from their sales.


Exactly Right !!!


Try the search feature…


Aha! I was right. It was a bad idea.


Wrong. Good idea, bad solution.


Shouldn’t happen. Everyone should be responsible for their own BST. Shouldn’t look at a bst for profit.


It’s not really a BST anymore if it is on a master list IMO. Part of the fun is after sifting through 100 threads you finally find one with an amazing deal!