A Painting my parents bought me.

Remember Guy’s I’m 36 and my parents still bought me a painting with a yoyo in it! lol

Cool! But he’s got the yo-yo on the wrong finger.

the clown creeps me out

Yeah he has the string on the wrong finger but what do artists know? lol Both my parents are artists.

This painting is about 20 years old from what they tell me.

maybe putting it on the wrong finger was the style back then

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that clown is really scary lol but what a great yoyo anyone know the company and name of the yoyo
:smiley: lol

That is the SICKEST clown EVA :wink:

same here.

havent you guys seen the article with the guy thats been yoyoing for like 30 years or something and has a picture of his veins and how they got all destroyed? it was his index finger, some people prefer the index, and the word of yye, its PREFERENCE!!!

Even Tyler Severance plays 1a with the string on the back of his index finger.

Not in 5a though :stuck_out_tongue:

I throw from the back of my index finger. I have to for medical reasons, but it barely makes any difference. There are a few tricks that take a bit more maneuvering, but everything is still possible.

link it. i want to see it.

New members should see this.


Tell that to Tyler Severance.

WHHHAAAATTT, lol I wonder what he would say

You must have read Samad’s post. lol

Haha, oops. I did not.
That’s just my standard answer when somebody says anything about using the wrong finger, :P.

I love the painting, by the way.