A Oxygene Io, Onedrop CODE1, or a G Squared Albatross

Im looking for these aspects in one of these yo-yos

  1. Good or better horizontal play,
  2. Great stability,
  3. Amazing spin times,
  4. Nice finish,
  5. Good grinding,
  6. Floaty or flowy feel,
  7. Somewhat active and hoppy on the string but at the same time very smooth,
  8. A little quick I don’t want a sluggish feeling throw.

This may probably help I usually go for a yoyo weight for about 66g.
But this time i’m looking for something new. Not the usual big companies
I usually buy from like CLYW or Onedrop. I really don’t care about shape as long as it doesn’t make it feel sluggish.I’m currently trying to smoothen out my style. My style consist’s of some chopstick combos,very long combos, pretty complicated long tricks, lots of slacks and whips, various amounts of of horizontal tricks , some body involved tricks, and last a good amount of grinding.

I apologize for the long post but I’m in dire need of a decision. Three throws are very good from what I have heard but I cant decide. Please assist me in this decision.

1: I’m not able to do horizontal play. No comment. I know the Albatross would be decent at it. I think the Code 1 would be too. Not sure about the Io, I won’t know until I really look at it. You can tell by features if a yoyo is pretty decent for horizontal play.

2: I don’t have any Oxygene yet. I have two I want to get, the IO being one of them. The Albatross and Code1 are super stable. I would suspect the Oxygene would as well.

3: With a cleaned and lubed/dry play treated bearing and it being a decent bearing, well, you’re gonna get amazing spin times on most any yoyo if you have a good throw.

4: Define nice finish? If you like it, it’s nice.

5: Grinding: I can’t speak for the IO, but the Code 1 has grinding grooves to help with grinds. The Albatross feels good on grinds. We’re talking finger/arm grinds, right? I can’t do IRG and thumb grinds yet.

6: Floaty or flowy? Albatross has amazing flow thanks to the organic-type shape. Code1 isn’t floaty but I think performs at a perfect speed.

7: I can’t imagine any of these not being active and hoppy on the string if you want it to be.

8: The Code1 and Albatross respond well to being pushed fast.

You should go for the G Square triton when it drops soon. Fits all your specs!

The code1 suits it the best.
I’d say get domes, UL, or brass UL for even more flow.