Review of G-Squared Albatross

Alright to start out this is my first review so any constructive tips would be helpful thanks.

G-Squared Albatross I’ll start with the specs

Diameter: 56mm/ 2.20 inches
Width: 43.55mm/ 1.71 inches
Gap Width: 4.25mm/.17 inches
Weight: 64.4 grams
Bearing Size: Size C comes with onedrop 10ball bearing
Response: Flowable Silicone. Brett has posted that it will take onedrop flow groove pads but there
will be a small gap that will not effect play.

This yoyo has been in the works for a little while and is the design of Brett Grimes and Jacob Gross from highspeed yoyo. Last names both starting with G thus the G-Squared for the company name. I have been looking forward to this yoyo since in saw the designs up online. When I saw the colors that were coming out I was even more blown away they all look super cool. I got the cool water edition which is sliver and light blue with blue splash. Pictures are at the end of the review.

First impression
When I opened the box the color was even better then the pictures. The finish is super smooth and great for grinds.

First Throw
Smooth as silk is all I can say. No vibe and nice long spins. The Flowable silicone was not snaggy at all out of the box.

-Feels great in your hand
-Smooth finish for grinds
-Smooth on the string and grinds
-Great colors

This part is always tough for me but it was a little lighter then I usually like but I’m getting accustom to the weight.

Okay just to let you know what level I’m on. I started throwing in July of 2011 and can do most of the tricks on YYE and some other ones as well.

So I throw it for about 6 hours. Played it straight out of the box. Did not change the bearing or string. I usually like Center trac bearing but left in the 10ball. All I can say is it handled everything and I was even able to learn a few new tricks with it today. Plays a little floaty compared to the Code1 I have been playing lately but not super fast. It was easy to control on every trick. This yoyo is on par with anything from onedrop or YYF. A real player.

Final Thoughts
I would not hesitate to recommend this yoyo to anyone looking for a full sized yoyo that is smooth on the string and fun to play. I might have to get another.

Thanks for reading and keep throwing everyone

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Thanks for posting your thoughts!

RUN… don’t walk, to buy this yoyo! :wink:

First throw,First Impression, FInal thoughts were pretty short. ALso The Overall Playability is like the heart of the review and it seemed a bit undeveloped. It was still a very good first review though.

Thanks for the input dingo. I’ll think about those areas for my next review.

I’m with you fellavader…

I really do enjoy this throw! I have anticipated it since the first video… I love the floaty feel, and that’s a big deal - I usually prefer heavier throws… the shape is pure beauty… it reminds me of a OD 54, which I love for the same reason… as to the shape, I love that more butterfly look and feel, the Albatross has elevated and refined it to a new level…

My only wish - the weight… I’m real curious what this puppy might do with a few extra bits of weight on it… which makes me hopeful, and looking forward, to where G2 goes from here… because, let’s face facts - this throw out of the gate is sick! It takes some companies a ton of mess-up, tries, designs and runs to get something special… the guys just went out and hit the biscuit between the pipes!

I’m seriously thinking of adding a second to my collection - but I’m trying to find out where the black and pink went…

Glad I’m not the only one with these thoughts on this yoyo. I did not hesitate I ordered a second. Got the yoyoexpert edition.

Gonna play some 3a?

Everyone that has tried it has loved it from the posts I have seen!

Man, now I’m really conflicted. My original plan when I get some money was to buy both the Burnside and the C3 Dark Sonic. When I first saw the Albatross and saw it’s 64.4g weight, I went mehhhhhhhhhhhhh. However, many people started to rave about how smooth it is and now I’m kinda considering dropping the Dark Sonic for the Albatross. Sigh, if only I had an unlimited source of money.

Also, good review and nice pictures! insert thumbs up emoticon

Its really a purchase you wont regret. I really recommend it

Right now, I’m working on new tricks, so my DM2 is still my go-to.

At the moment, when I want a break, its break out the Albatross. Last week, it was the DiBase. I have a feeling the Albatross will be in heavy rotation for a while. I have new purchases planned and some just happened, but even so, the Albatross is everything I am looking for. I was worried about the weight, but they compensated with design and distribution. It’s up there with the CLYW’s and One Drops. This is a very impressive first effort that has the maturity of a seasoned product with the freshness of new design and enough risk to make it different and unique.

Well worth the money!