A Newbie with a metal drifter (Two more coming in tomorrow)


So I am starting to learn the backbone tricks to really start diving into 1A tricks.

The only yoyo I have right now is a Duncan Metal Drifter… The packaging did say advanced as far as the skill level on it, but I wanted a metal yoyo… and I think the yoyo might be a little too advanced for me.

It almost completely unresponsive. Every now and then I can get a return off of it, but I am having to bind it (which I dont feel I want to dealing with yet… I can do it, just would like some normal returns as well.

Another thing I am noticing (maybe caused by how unresponsive it is. When I go into a front mount, then do 3-4 front flips and let it fly off forward, it grips the string in the center and returns… It looks cool as hell, but I have to fix the string as its bound up before I can do more tricks. Ideas?

(⛷ Noisy Lurker) #2

The yoyo will become more unresponsive as you play it. If you want it to come back with a tug, very lightly lubricate the bearing. This doesn’t require much lube at all, maybe a drop off the end of a needle. It’s easier to add a bit more than cleaning the bearing if you apply to much. If you use to much the bearing will be very responsive. You can always clean the bearing or just play it and the yoyo will slowly become unresponsive again.

Yeah I know, you would think lube would make it more unresponsive, but it makes it more as it slows the bearing down a bit.


Makes sense when explained, but yeah, when I kinda read that somewhere else, it sounded backwards…

(Erik Kerber ) #4

Yea even unresponsive lube will still make the bearing more responsive but if you really want a nice tug response a nice thick responsive lube would be best. You can pick that up here from yoyofactory or yoyojam or whatever lube is lube it doesn’t really matter who you get it from