A new YoYoSkills.com Feature - My.YoYoSkills.com (+ Contest)

A new YoYoSkills.com Feature - My.YoYoSkills.com

One of my goals for 2010 was to start working on a way for manufacturers, pros, and readers could submit articles/news on YoYoSkills.com. I tried a few different things that never came to fruition. My big goal for 2011 was to move YoYoSkills.com to the next step. That is hard to do when there is not really a next step for a news aggregated blog like YoYoSkills. YoYoSkills is not affiliated with any store or manufacturer and since one of the main sections of my site is reviews I was not comfortable selling yoyos. What is the next step for a site like YoYoSkills? I think the answer might be community created content that rewards hard work with recognition. The model system that sites like Digg.com and Reddit.com use are a shining example. Users can submit anything from a link to another site to an original story to a “Ask me Anything” session and readers can vote up or vote down the content and leave comments on the thread itself. Votes are collected as Karma, and that Karma makes your content more powerful. This system rewards good content and since you can downvote spam and trolls, buries bad content. It puts responsibility and control in the hands of the member who hold the role of both the reader and the writer.

Community created content.

Follow friends, get feedback on anything, and vote for what you think deserves front page status. Have a video you want people to see? Post it up. Are you a yo-yo maker that wants to get community feedback without needing actual comments? Post it up. Find some breaking news that you think needs attention? Post it up.

See a post you like? Vote it up. Like a comment that someone said? Vote it up. Enough upvotes and the content will hit the front page.

See something you don’t like? Vote it down. See a comment you don’t like? Vote it down. Enough down votes and the post or comment will vanish into shame filled exile… forever alone…

This could work, or be a horrible failure, but I will never know until I try it out and see what happens.

Here, have your very own YoYoSkills.com. Your content might end up over here on the main page.


We are also holding a contest. I am giving away a 2011 ILYY Noctu

Follow the directions on this link HERE to enter

all signed up…! luv u Doc…!

Aww thanks… but I think we need to see other people

it’s the back hair…? isn’t it…

done :slight_smile:

Epic is an understatement for this