a new kind of yoyoing

I have created a new type of yoyoing. 1 1/2 a otherwize known as trip wire.

what it is: 1 1/2 a yoyoing is yoyoing withonly one hand to compromise for this you use a string trip wire. how to make one: take any kind of string yoyo or just regular cotton string. and take 2 stools or drawers or anything you can tie string to that will hold and tie both ends to it. if you put the string on a slight angle you can make the yoyo slide down it. you can also gyroscopic flop it and trapeze. to trapeze throw the yoyo normally but when you throw it throw it back so it swings back and forward. when it swings forward act as though the string is your finger for a split bottom mount. let the yoyo land on your yoyo string than just act as if your dismounting from a normal trapeze. (tip:when the yoyo is looping around the string keep your throw hand still)

so thats my created type of yoyoing now try to invent some tricks after you get mine.
this is good for people who have an injured arm or have only one.

Umm…video, please? ;D

ill try to make one. it depends if my vid camera will work

I found that extremely hard to understand. Please try to clear it up.

Really interesting concept. Reminds me of a certain Worlds freestyle. Can’t remember it right now, though. :frowning:

EDIT: Found it!

He uses that metal thing instead of a string. Same concept, though.

very creative, not very talented, though.

yep thats it only i dont have 2 strings and theyre not metal

ya well its pretty hard because if you mess up the 2 strings not up and you have to take apart your yoyo.

what he did is just about everything i can do but im working on landing the trapeze and than looping around it again like a bind.