A New Bimetal (for me)

(Justin ) #1

I’m looking to buy a new bi-metal, and I have narrowed it down to the 2Sick Blockade and the CLYW Akita. I know the Akita has only had a limited release, but I wanted to get some opinions on the two to see which I should get. If you think there’s another bi-metal that I absolutely need to try in the $100-130 price range, feel free to recommend it. Thanks!

(Jim Honaker) #2



I liked the Promotion a LOT more than the Blockade

(Justin ) #4


(Justin ) #5

What do you like about it?


Akita is a bimetal Silenus to me. It’s quite wide, so make sure you’re down for that – I definitely am!

Of the two the Akita would be my pick.


I’m not really sure it just wasn’t interesting to me. I was hanging out with William(one of their sponsored players) over the summer and was trying some of his stuff. I played with the Blockade for like 10 minutes and it played well, it was just kind of boring to me.

When I got around to trying his Promotion…that was the only thing I used the rest of the day.

(Justin ) #8

I know this exact feeling. With all the yoyos I have I want there to be something about them that I notice. If I don’t notice anything, then the yoyo doesn’t really get thrown too often.


Both are fantastic, but I prefer the Akita. It’s my favorite throw at the moment, closely followed by the Flux. The Akita is amazing - excellent all around with great width for ‘easy mode’. Its play somehow belies its size, as it plays more normal size. It is agile and naturally seems to encourage flowy play, but can instantly speed up. It’s a fantastic blend of performance and fun.

The Blockade is great, but tends to play lighter, faster and more rim weighted. It has a hollow feeling on the string and plays a little bigger than the specs would suggest.

If you have dreamed about a bimetal organic, the Flux is incredible. It’s light, fast, floaty, stable and addictive.


I’m not sure how other people feel about it but the Blockade just felt like a boring bimetal to me.

The Promotion was light feeling fast and nimble but you felt the weight. It’s one of the fastest, lightest feeling 66g yoyos I’ve ever played.

I like light and fast yoyos but a lot of the time when yoyos are too light, like 63g and less, they feel kind of empty like there’s no presence on the end of the string. Kind of hollow, and it doesn’t feel interesting. The Promotion played like a 63g yoyo but with the presence of a 66g yoyo.

(Justin ) #11

That sounds like a yoyo I’d enjoy; I’m definitely going to look into it now. Thanks for the recommendation!

(Jim Honaker) #12

I honestly like just about everything. I can’t think of anything I don’t like.

I does play alot like a bimetal Silenus. But everything is smoother. The edges are rounder and feel more organic. The spin is smoother and longer. The finish is silky and grinds like no other. Plus it is rounder in the gap for finger grinds.

The weight feels light and floaty on the string but moves as quick as you want to make it. On top of everything else, I love the way it looks. Its a little wide but doesn’t seem wide during play. It’s curvy and smooth. It’s beautiful to me and fits so well the hand.

(Justin ) #13

You make a strong case. I’m definitely lacking yoyos that really feel good/comfortable to throw.


try the raiser or the marco if you wanna get a good deal


Well @tvelto super loved the Blockade, called it the best of the year or nearly such, so maybe he could elaborate on that?

(David Hough) #16

I second the Flux. I’m hoping to drop my review of it sometime next week.


I cant vouch for the Akita or the Blockade since I havent tried them, but I do have the Promotion and can confirm that it is a really nice yoyo. Id describe the feel of it as ‘buttery’, as it just feels silky smooth on the string. I decided to pair it up with a nylon string and the feel is superb. It definitely plays lighter than you would expect given the weight, but I wouldnt say that it is floaty or anything. Stable with long spin time, and has just the right amount of width. It is one of my favorite yoyos.

(Rock Shouse) #18

The KnotCreater’s “Ice Wolf” ain’t too bad either guys…? It plays very floaty!

(ClockMonsterLA) #19

If you find the Blockade appealing, I would also suggest a Hummingbird.

(Mitch ) #20

Im eagerly awaiting my blockade but I can vouch for the hummingbird. It’s spectacular. Ill try to share my feelings on the blockade when it arrives.