A New Bimetal (for me)


Interesting you like the promotion more as I much prefer the blockade. Seems nowadays I like bimetals to feel as much like a mono and as floaty as possible. The more skills I obtain the less I reach for the super rim weighted competition bimetal. Also enjoy the challenge of incorporating cool looking regens into combos. Different strokes for different folks I guess.


I thought he said that about the promotion not the blockade. Don’t think @tvelt ever did a blockade review. Prolly because blockade is so great Joey sold nearly All of the first run at contests. Think only a handful of first run blockades ever dropped on the 2sick site.


My bad. I get these mixed up, there’s been a LOT of 2sick releases in 2018

(Justin ) #24

Hey guys! I decided on a yoyo! Thanks for all your input! Should I say what I got now or when it comes in the mail so I have pics?

  • Now!!
  • Pictures or bust!!

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(Justin ) #25

Just unboxed :smile:

(Mitch ) #26

Very nice. I was super temted to get one when I saw that color way. Unfortunately I had already blown my throw budget for the month. Let us know how you like it!

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(Justin ) #27

After about an hour of playing so far, here are my initial thoughts. The finish is one of the smoothest I’ve felt in a yoyo, making grinds last a surprisingly long time. It’s above average width and SS rims make for a very stable and long spinning yoyo., an excellent yoyo with which to learn new tricks. It isn’t the fastest/floatiest, but it definitely is not a reluctant mover either. It’s rounded shape also makes for a very comfortable playing experience. They really did well with this throw!

(Jacob Waugh) #28

Just got my Blockade today, LOVE IT.