a Misunderstanding that most "new yoyoers" dont get

I I have also noticed that with some people. I have never owned a yoyo over 80$ but played a chief and a trident. Wish I had them

Yes, you’re right. But you get the way this logic works, to a point.

Loved this. :slight_smile:

I think it’s similar to a sports car… Yes it’ll make you look fly and you’ll go fast and get the wow factor! But a good driver can kill it in any car. The car does not make a good driver.

With yo yo’s, a non responsive metal will sleep longer and have a huge catch zone making things easier to land and gives you a feeling like your progressing faster. However is that a good thing? Does it help your style? Does it improve your flow? In my opinion it’s good to practice with a responsive throw, then when you have tricks down use a non responsive. I really think the Dark Magic II is perfect allowing both styles of play and has decent sleep performance. If metal is the only answer get DV888 and put a responsive bearing in… Switch it when you have your combo/tricks down.

That being said if you own a high end metal and don’t use it, its no different than owning a Porsche and keeping it in the garage.

People think it’s the money you put into it, when really, it’s the time/effort

yep this is exactly what I was trying to bring up.

I think that the yoyo does make a bit of difference, but it just makes tricks a bit smoother, not necessarily easier. I can do 90% of my tricks on a $10 Whip that I can on a $140 Chief. (That 10% is just due to the Whip’s sleep time and stability issues, not because it’s a bad throw)

To a certain extent I think the more expensive throw does make a difference. For example: a $100 yoyo will be better than a $10 Duncan. But after you pass $100 it’s pretty much personal preference. ex: size, weight ect.

Well its one of those things that everyone has a different experience with. I started with a $65 capless and felt as if it was too good, but it was still fun learning. Once i got better and tried some higher end throws i cant get enough of all the pricey clyws, gen yo, and gsquared goodies. It is just so much fun trying higher end throws. But yes of course it isnt going to make anyone a better player. It does add a sense of enjoyment to the hobby though. It is especially awesome that you can get the highest end throws for only $100-300, take high speed boating or something else and they just wont compare…

Also people need to realize money is an endless resource. Everything in the universe is energy. So by affirming certain things and visualization you can manifest money EASY. And it will start coming in endless quantities. If you dont believe it, well you obviously need to open your mind to the idea that you attract the energy you put out, and then it will amaZe you ;). The universe works in some amazing ways. Only your mindset, thoughts, and actions keep you from having everything youve always wanted. These ideas dont just apply to money. You can attract that dream girl or even the job or business youve always wanted. But dont take my word for it,believe, and try for yourself :slight_smile:

I suppose the value we place on money is relative to our attitudes and circumstances, but a hundred dollars is a pretty small price difference between top-of-the-line and bottom-of-the-barrel. If you’re serious about exploring a new hobby, the prevailing wisdom is usually to “spend as much as you can afford.” That’s not really necessary for yoyoing, since, as others have pointed out, the technology plateaus at around 80 bucks, but it seems to me that it’d be a bigger waste of money to start at the bottom and work your way up the totem pole. If you can afford to start at the top, why on Earth wouldn’t you?

I think it’s less about self-delusion than people seem to think. Other than the very young, I can’t imagine many people thinking an object will magically grant them skills. I think it has a lot more to do with the fact that a high end yoyo is a really cool and desirable product.

Hey now! Let’s be fair, when you look like I do, a nice yoyo can only make me look better. It’s simply bling! Bling on string that can really zing :wink: .

I’m just glad people are fortunate enough to acquire what makes them happy. As long as the bills are paid, the kids are fed, and priorities are taken care of, it just doesn’t really matter how much they spend on a toy. I hope people aren’t shaking their finger at me. I enjoy a lot of toys, bikes, vehicles, kayaks, yoyo’s and skis…and skis…and…

Just my opinion and the way I choose to look at things. However, I really do look much better with an extravagant yoyo in hand! 8) Don’t you?

I didn’t read through this whole thing so I’m guessing someone already said this but, better gear certainly doesn’t hurt. You should start out with a responsive. So you can get a stable throw. But a bind is as simple to learn as brain twister. Being content however is a different story. You can do what you can just as well with 100 yoyo as you can with a 20-40 yoyo.

Things would certainly help them if they bought an expensive yoyo and keep on yoyoing. But if it’s just like “aww this anglam aint helping me landing those tricks” and they just abbandon yoyoing, then it’s just bad investment. True story man. Got a friend who bought an anglam using their parents money as a first throw and just wasting it like that. Sad thing.

Good thing I never thought that :o!!

I understand Abby’s point, reinforced by Nemyo’s paraphrasing, but I tend to agree with D Beau’s assessment more. I don’t know many people who really think that pumping more money into a hobby will make them more skilled. Most people know better.

So, I don’t think it’s a misunderstanding that most “new yoyoers” have… I think it’s a misunderstanding that SOME “new yoyers” may have.

I do, however, think that some people rely on buying new throws as a crutch to break a skill plateau. “I’m stuck on horizontal; I heard Yoyo X is a beast for horizontal; maybe it’ll give me that push I need!”

And hey… maybe sometimes it DOES give that yoyoer the push they need, even if it’s a placebo that provides nothing more than the inspiration to focus more and try harder. :wink:

well, some yoyos are definitely better for horizontal than others. Like I doubt I would be able to do much excalibur (haven’t heard that term in a long time) with a high wall, but I could do some pretty beast stuff with a nice v shaped throw.

Well, yeah. Man, I don’t want to detail and itemize EVERYTHING in a conversation! Can’t we just take it as a given that I’m referring to a comparison of different apples, not apples and oranges? :wink:

This is true, I can say from my experiance in sport kites that good equipment makes a world of difference once you get the basics down, moving up to better equipment gives the user more time to react and see mistakes that you would not get with entry level items, the same could apply to yoyos, you still need to practice your butt off. this goes for any sport or hobby.

in the end; hey if they have the cash, spend it, it’s what keeps the companies making and coming out with new stuff. There will always be the new “______ to save the world” coming out in a few. It’s what keeps the flame of the hobby alive. my 2 cents

Not sure if anyone mentioned this, but sometimes people buy more expensive things, so they have more of an incentive to stick to the hobby. The thought process is something like “I can’t quit now, or I’ll be out $140, I just have to push through!”

Every new yoyoer that started(that I’ve met) had an face expression of wat when they saw a price of a 60$ metal