A lot of stuff is more expensive!

I thought yoyoexpert had the lowest prices but at some other stores i can get DM2 for 40.80 or a duncan yoyo glove for 7. whats up with that?

A couple of the stores that advertise it for that price also have it marked as “sold out.” And I believe one of them in particular has little prospect of restocking anytime soon.

Those stores that are selling it at a lower price may have bought them when the price to them was lower, so they are selling it off at the price it should be based on when they bought them.

YYJ appears to have had some sort of price increase either earlier this year or late last year. I think it was earlier this year because I bought my Phenomizm before the price jumped. I also bought my Speeder 2 before this jump as well.

Sometimes you’ll find things cheaper in a color you hate too. Just my opinion, but I’d pay more to buy the DM2 from the guy whose name is on it, and who is willing to answer any questions you might have about it. He’s offering a rainbow of colors on this site too. I’ve bought cheaper throws elsewhere in a different color than what I really wanted to save a little, but regretted it later most times. Same applies with the glove, but issues with not only color…but size too.

Here’s my other thoughts:

Yoyos are getting expensive. Why do you want to compromise? Get your favorite color. Spend the few dollars extra. I plan on getting a couple of other Phenoms soon. The new blue acid washed looks sweet and I’ll pay the extra for it. I also want one in the regular blue.

Why settle? UNLESS it’s not in the color you want, get it in the color you want. Case and point; The Adegle Asteroid and YYF Starbright Neon were NOT in the colors I wanted, however I selected colors I could live with. I gotta play the darn thing, I might as well like the color I got it in.

YYE can even help. I bought the Big Yo in red as a placeholder and they held my entire order as per my request until the Big Yo came in to them in blue.
Another instance, I bought a dv888 in grey which I would have lived with. I put in the notes “if aqua comes in, please hold order for Aqua”. They didn’t hold my order because it had come in, they just didn’t get a chance to update their inventory yet.

Sorry. Adult buyer. Different perspective.

I’m debating getting a Dang in blue rather than in a color I don’t want at a price that’s much better from another vendor I like because, well, I don’t want to compromise here.

This very well said. If your going to buy an item this expensive you might as well make sure you like it. Also when you buy from YYE you know it is a quality product and it is being shipped properly and quickly. Other sites I have bought from have been badly made or poorly shipped.

What’s an extra 5$ to 10$ on a 120$ yoyo :stuck_out_tongue:

When I get a yoyo, I get it in a color I don’t have much of.

Call it inflation.