A little vibe

I got a Wooly Marmot 2 from YYE’s last run. Its smooth and really fun to play with however whenever you check for vibe the there is a good amount of vibe. I was wondering if this is normal. the yoyo did hit the floor once when I let a friend borrow it.

I’m not really understanding what your saying. You at first said it’s “smooth and really fun to play”, but then later said it has a good amount of vibe. Do you mean it used to be smooth?


I agree with what yoyospirit said.

Also, if it hit the floor then you’ve introduced vibe to it. But if you like the way it plays and only feel the vibe when you check for it I would suggest just keep playing it and stop testing it :slight_smile:

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I’m sorry it’s just weird i don’t feel the vibe when I play with it but when I test it i can still feel something but I agree with what Aaron said. I’ll just keep playing with it :slight_smile: sorry for being confusing.

Vibe = Character/soul


People obsess with vibe.
Seek and you will find.
Just quit testing it and play it.

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In all due respect, what can you expect? If it hit the ground at all and the surface wasn’t padded, you can get sum vibe from that all by it’s self. Even if it is a OneDrop or CLYW, I can’t imagine they’d be exempt from “Friend Borrowing Yo-Yo Hitting The Floor” action. :wink:

But yeah, even if the floor was padded, depending on the ferocity of the impact between the padded surface and the Yo-Yo…You might could get some-kind of a vibe from that, too.

I find the best thing for me…is to just avoid significantly hard surfaces and stick to a modest 45 dollar price range for my Daily Throw around Yo-Yo’s. That’s exactly what I do and it works good.

Play on Thick Carpet areas or play in the Grass when outside. My Torque is almost half a year old and it still plays like new, it is dinged from hitting ceiling fans, the floor, the wall, my elbows, my head and on and on it plays like new. Also maybe get a cheaper throw to lend your friends…Get a few Speedaholics or Whips. I still can’t believe how amazing those 2 Yo-Yo’s are for the price.

It could be your throw,

or your bearing, or a ding, or the axle…

Point is, if it plays OK then who cares? :wink: