A great read!

Today, I did what I usually do on Fridays, I spent a big amount of time on the net. And what I also do when browsing on Fridays, is reading Ed Haponik’s blog. Honestly, if you have not read this blog by now, you should click any of the links that I put in this post. Ed is not only a great thrower, but his blog is an amazing read. He manages to take a yoyo and reflect his own life through it.

Addment: And yes, the link spammage was toatlly necessary:

Xdohls and I discuss it constantly. I have actually been hounding Ed to make more entries, actually.

Every yoyoer should be reading this blog.

Indeed, Ed’s blog entries always give me something to think about. I enjoy them very much!

One of my previous english teachers would practically kill you for the title. She would say, “Read is not a noun, it’s a verb!!!”

Lol I just felt like saying that. But yeah, that was fun to read. An entire story, and it was well written. :smiley:

Got to read that more often!

thanks for reading guys.
i don’t really write them “for” anybody else (which is why they aren’t on a schedule and don’t come out every tuesday and friday or anything), but it’s extremely gratifying that some people read and appreciate them.

I think about it at least once daily. Usually more.