A dead Great White

Hey All,
I was recently in Orlando, Fl on vacation, taking the family to Seaworld. We happened to be staying at the Rosen Plaza Hotel. As you probably know that was where the 2010 World Championships were. After seeing how far yo-yo’s have come and what you guys can do with them we ALL bought one. I bought a Spintastics Great White for myself, a revolver SST for my son, my wife bought 2 Duncan Limelights for herself and our youngest. I know these aren’t great yo yo’s but they’re better than what I played with as a kid and what an awesome time we had watching you guys! Anyways, since then I have literally thrown a thousand+ sleepers on my Great White and now it’s dead. The string (which I have replaced) will not wind out of a sleeper anymore. It’s difficult to tighten by hand as well because it just keeps spinning around the bearings and when I do get it wound and throw it, it just slides down the string, like the string is unwinding but the yo yo isn’t turning. The only thing I can figure is that the friction stickers are worn. I compared the feel of my stickers to my son’s revolver, mine are smooth and dry, his are sticky. I can’t imagine with all I’ve read about unresponsive yo yo’s that the stickers could affect my sleeper throw, but it’s all I can come up with. Any comments would be appreciated. BTW…I LANDED my first trapeze yesterday!

Just replace the friction stickers.

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I’ll back up the previous poster. Your Great White will be revived with new friction stickers. What you described is exactly how my FH2 acted when it needed new friction stickers. So, no worries! Your friction stickers are dead, not your Great White.

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Thanks guys! I was hoping that’s all it was. Is there any way to make homemade ones or buy locally i.e. toy store, or is the ony solution online ordering…I hate waiting! ;D

I’ve read about people who’ve made them in the past using athletic tape, medical tape, non-slip bathtub stickers, etc. I’d Google “homemade friction stickers” and I’m sure you can find some guides on what other’s have used and done.