I have always been a fan of the older yoyos, pretty much beyond most of your guy’s era (Doc Pop Bolt, Dark Magic 1, Speeder, FH2, Mini Motu, etc.)…

But surprisingly I haven’t tried the FHZ, so I had to order it.

I honestly love it. It is seriously good. I immediately took out both of the friction stickers and replaced them with one thin Dif-Pad. Mostly unresponsive, but can still come back with a tug, pretty much where I wanted it. (If someone knows where to get Chaz Pads, PM me, because I haven’t been able to find them ever since Yoyonation’s store shut down).

I’m not sure if it’s because I’m “Old Fashioned” and like the Friction Sticker type response, or because I like small bearing throws, but I’m definitely going to get one or two more of these soon.

Don’t take this as a review, but more of a feedback toward the yoyo.

(SlimJoe) #2

Big fan of FHZ. I have owned at least 13 of them at this point.

I’m glad you are enjoying yours!


You can make your own Chaz Pads if you feel the need. They’re the same thing as the old school Baz Pads. Pretty sure its just plasti-dip thinned out with naphtha or paint thinner, spread onto parchment paper and then cut when dry. Not sure how they did the whole adhesive part… so, yeah. ;D


I’m a huge FHZ fan. I do think it suits a slightly more advanced player better however as it isn’t as easy to land on string hits and isn’t as stable as more modern designs.


I have 3 Chaz pads I’d trade for Duncan silicone stickers.


bazmonkey used both silicone and plasti-dip. He spread it on wax paper, then laid another layer of waxpaper on it to flatten it out. He initially used adhesive transfer tape/sheets, then moved on to a cheap sticker maker from one of the craft stores.


Got some bearings that will kill it…
steel or S/C ceramic wing cut.


I’m getting a ceramic bearing for it.

And a double sticker recess.


This too is fun: http://yoyoexpert.com/forums/index.php/topic,30728.0.html


I really don’t know much about beefcaked bearing systems.

Honestly, I’m not interested.

(M.DeV1) #11

Well if you have an extra A sized bearing laying around then just try it. It widens the gap ever so slightly and can make a huge difference in play. I always keep at least one of my 10 FHZ’s beefcaked.


The ones in the review are not as wide as standard A size and they are wing cut


What exactly is “Wing Cut”?


I believe that means it has an extremely slight cut in the bearing, allowing for string centering, without the negative qualities of a normal string-centering bearing (KK, Grooved, etc.). With these, you won’t get string bunching up, slippy binds, and all the other bad things you get with those str-centering bearings. This is based on what I’ve heard. I haven’t had enough play time with a yoyo using one of these bearings to give my thoughts. I’ve only ever sampled a few throws installed with a TX Wing Cut for short amounts of time.


And what if the string got snagged between both of the bearings?


The wing cut prevents that form happening with a “beef cake” set up.