a day's work

here’s what I did today …





diameter: 58.40 mm
width: 58.90 mm
gap: 4.80 mm
weight: 63.20 gr.
material: Arnite

What’s special about this yoyo? that I made (everything, except the spacers that are of a Die Nasty) with a small bench lathe, totally manual, my fantastic Ceriani David 202 automatic, which in March celebrated its 27 years!



Nice job! It looks great!

Awesome! Looks really cool! Come fa è gioca?

thank you! :wink:
I’m waiting for it to dry the silicone (I finished 3 hours ago), but I think that will vibrate a little … I shall tell you shortly

surprisingly the vibrations are minimal, barely perceptible to the eye (and in this there was a good dose of luck), the yoyo is agile, fast and stable, but has a flaw, also visible from the photos … it was my blunder, but when you have to line up the many steps and repeat them on two pieces is just the simplest things that are wrong …
a recess of the silicone are too external, then the yoyo has a return (and its thrust being launched) a bit 'weak … fortunately there is still enough space to make a more internal and closer to the bearing … I will update you tomorrow …

That looks really neat man. Good work.
So what if it has some small flaws, for a home brew yoyo it looks like a beast!

It looks like you did a very good job on it buddy, I’d really like to get a Lathe myself one day.

thanks to all
so it is definitely better


(still in work’s overalls! :smiley: sorry …)

video is private.

That double pad setup is weird.

Since it is all manual, how do make sure you do the same thing on both halves?

because it is private? I’ve loaded as public … try now …
how you doing? you signs all the steps that are performed, with all the measures and the inclinations of the upper carriage … and when you do the second piece in addition to doing the same things done on the first control measures with a caliber every time … and most terrible thing is that just a small mistake at the end to throw out the whole piece.
I put the bushings for intrusion, are 5.5mm in diameter and put them in a hole of 5.0mm … would be a job to do with a press, but I do not have it and so I put due hammered after having a little heated … and everything was fine … so I said that I was very lucky … it took was a mistake at that time and I had to throw in the trash the whole cup.

the difference in weight between the two cups is 0.4 gr. and yoyo will live without my cream of crucial … I had started as a joke, to practice to make turnings conical … I would never have expected this result! beginner’s luck!

it works now. Really cool.

final version (loosely inspired by my beloved third impact)



Very cool!

Really nice handiwork. I can’t remember the source, but I recall hearing that it’s quite difficult to make a yoyo play well with such squared proportions (width=diameter).

thank you all!

I don’t know and then was a thing almost random, when I started I had not decided what should be the specifics… It is the first experiment of lathing yoyo and, I never tire of saying, luck was on my side

I forgot to tell you that after the change of shape, weight is drastically decreased to 63,20gr. but this did not result in any change in the ability of the game of the yo-yo, as the material has been removed from the area close to the center of gravity and in a uniform manner on the surface of catchzone … then the distribution has remained almost unchanged with weight concentrated in the two rings that being one outside and another at about half of the shape, make the yo-yo very stable.
ultimately just feels lighter and more agile on the string but the times of spin and stability are as they were at the beginning

really curious about the material.

Impressive work in making and developing such an interesting design. The video shows a well made throw.


the Arnite is a self-lubricating polymer such as Teflon, very resistant to wear and chemical resistance, has a high dimensional stability, so it is ideal for works or objects of extreme precision and very good results after processing for chip removal … more is totally insensitive to environmental humidity (and from this point of view is better than delrin).

the V2