A bit of a nutshell.

In a bit of a nutshell here.
I need some new plastics, and there are two that I really have my eyes on.
The Replay Pro, and the CLYW Big Dipper.
The thing is, I don’t know which one would be better.
I wont leave you off without a purpose.
My style is “kind” of flowy, I don’t pull off many combos but I would if I knew how.

I love both the Replay Pro and Big Dipper, I do find the shape of the Big Dipper to be more comfy in the hand. Both plays really well IMO… The only problem is that once you over tighten the Replay Pro, it won’t spin at all, so you have to make sure that you never over tighten it.

You can’t go wrong with either of them, and the Replay Pro is great for its price.

You could wait for the Cabal.

Buy a yoyojam classic and put a size c bearing/pads in it.

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I have both and enjoy both for different reasons. The Big Dipper has a more chilled out and (for lack of a better word) floatyness to it. The Replay has a more solid felling to it on the string. I feel like the Big Dipper is smoother. Both are excellent yoyos. The profile is very, very similar when they are side by side.

I personally never had this issue when I over tightened one of mine…

I have owned four replay pros and really enjoyed them. Not my favorite plastic, but still enjoy them :slight_smile:

I’m a plastics guy. I love organic shapes and plastics. While the Replay Pro and Big Dipper are fine, there a lot of other plastics I like more and use more. They perform well enough, but the Dipper never clicked for me and the Replay is heavy and has a fair amount of vibe compared to a lot of other plastics on the market. Here are four I play often that I’d look at before I purchased one of those other two.

The Diffusion 2 is a great performer from YoYoRecreation. Costs the same amount as the Big Dipper.

The Premiere from sOMETHING is the plastic I’ve been using the most lately. $25 and the antique green color is gorgeous. Great weight and flow in play, not too big or clunky. It has an organic V shape which is quite comfortable.

The First Base from Recess is only a few dollars more than the Replay Pro. Nice to thrown around. It’s grown on me a lot. It has a nice, classic organic shape.

The Classic from YoYoJam is a long-standing favorite of mine. Costs only $10 but does need silicone pads and a C-sized bearing installed to become the great player it can be. Belongs in any yoyo collection.

Thanks guys.
I might go with the Big Dipper,
but I’ll check out other stuff too.

I would just add that you should check out this review of 6 different plastic yoyos.


Now I need to buy 5 of them  ;D