A Battle, had I.

No budge.
Still no budge.
As the Rustmored began to tire,
the day started to expire.
The mighty beast refused to give in,
so Rusty drew power from within.
Endurance, had he,
Refusing, to flee.
All he had, he gave.
Rusty’s blood, he craved.
He struck, attacked and sliced,
The beast, he began to dice.
Almost crushed, the beast was.
Rustmored happy, because,
After 5 mins of attack, he huffed.
Basically, my bearing is crushed, but still spins.

Now my question. My defective bearing seemed to be really bad spinning, was oober unresponsive and gave very loose binds. When i put in a kk in there, which is supposed to make it even more unresponsive, it made my binds even tighter! I was happy! Why does it tighten my binds?

Not that i don’t like it, i love tight binds! I was just wondering.

uhhh, the kk has fresh lube?

Nah i dont think so, it has been broken in months ago haha