A 1 Year Video (My Apologies for Conformity)

This is the second video I’ve ever made, so if you have any comments on the filmography, I’d greatly appreciate it!

wow.:o.that was realy good.i love linkin park and your realy good.especialy for one year.you have some good editing skills too. ;Dnicely done.

IMO you could of been smoother overall but I liked your tricks and your editing was pretty sweet. What LP song is that?

You have some elements in your tricks that stalls the flow a little. I probably shouldn’t say much at this point as I suck at making tricks, but there’s a pretty nasty “pause” in the trick at 1:20. I liked the editing a lot, but Linkin Park is instamute.

Thanks, I’m aiming for more smoothness as one of my goals! Probably could’ve done better, but my camera ran out of memory. And the LP song is In Pieces from Minutes to Midnight. And sorry that you don’t like LP JonasK, it wasn’t my first song choice but iTunes wasn’t cooperating and well, it fit the tempo.

u got uber talent and technique just gota work on swagger ;D ;D
awsome vid

I love how you changed the view while doing gondola.

was that a bind at 00:37?

Nice video man. I hope I’m that good at the year mark lol. Keep 'um coming!
ALex ;D

Yes it was.

So is that a unresponsive yoyo then?

Yep, YoYoFactory Catch 13.

I think I understand what binding is now :).

Lol glad to have helped in the most unwitting way!