2 years

ive learned some editing please like subscribe like reply etc i need some more feed back
;D watch in HQ


some great feedback ???

I like some concepts you got!! Try and smooth the tricks together more, and DONT wear a light colored hoodie. It kills string visability. I also liked the setting for the video!

I like it! You could just smooth the tricks out a little bit more.

I love the first regeneration. And the rest was great too. ;D

Excellent Video man! Everything looks real smooth :smiley:

I can only hope ill be that good after 2 years!


I thanked you for using the original Starry Eyed instead of the dubstep remix, but nice tricks bud.

yes agreed good call on the original starry eyed

enjoyed your video too, sweet nature shots and some great tricks too!

I really lik the vid. Keep it up!!! nice choice of song…

Well me gusta.

It’s a DV888 right?