9A- 9 Dragons


Hey everyone, this year at the 2016 cal state yoyo contest, Ben had a contest to create the 9a division as a just having fun kind of thing and I recorded it. Very sorry for the quality, I went from recording it on my phone to on my go pro. but anyways. here it is.


Hey Colby!

I went to the Yolex club meetup this weekend and Will Hahn brought 2 of the 9 dragons yoyos for people to play with. I saw some interesting ideas. About a third of the people thought it was really innovative, about a 3rd didn’t “get it”, and about a 3rd were just laughing at the weird and cool things that could be done with it. I was in that last 3rd.

I don’t know why I didn’t ask to play with it. Perhaps I was still a bit intimidated by all the better players around me.

Some people seemed to think it’s a gimmick yoyo. I think it can open up some very real creative paths.

It’s strange, I have a hub stack yoyo, a YYF Grind Machine, but it doesn’t really inspire me. The 9 Dragons though is kind of a reverse hub stack and for some reason that seems more usable.


So, who won the 9A Division at Cal States?