90$ Order

Im allowed to spend 90-100$ on an order tonight and i want you guys to put it together for me. It can include anything really. I have no specific wants at all so just tell me something that you think is a must have like a certain bearing or string or throw. Thanks,


Genesis. get. one. now. and don’t unscrew it a lot, or you’ll strip it like i did.

already have one

then get a Burnside!

im looking for a somewhat undersized. The only One Drop for me would be a 54

Gnarwhal. It may be a little over, but you get 15% off and a free hat.

Yyf catalysts are pritty sick, and they can go fast ifmu want and are great for grinds

Buy a YYF Supernova. Seriously.

A rebel marcocosm. I’ve had two, and they were both amazing. simply amazing. Just don’t unscrew it!!! also it comes with a twisted trifecta bearing so no need for bearing upgrade. Amazing straight out of the box.

Dietz or Markmont Next? YFactor?

I honestly can not believe how many times I’ve seen this…And the worst part is the majority of people who do this are American.

The dollar sign goes in front of the number.

We learned this in like 3rd grade.

In some nations, it goes after the number, especially when notating “not in local currency”.

But yes, if you’re in America, please use the dollar sign and then the value.

Im saying that the 54 is the only thing in my price range thats undersized. And although its probabl the same in Canada, I am Canadian

just buy a yoyo. the time it’s taking you to think about it is time you could be using with the new yoyo you haven’t bought yet.

What about the YFactor? It’s $90

ENEME? Did that jump up in price? Yeah, it did.

Although i already made the order, the hour decision is worth not screwing up. I ordered a Black Delrin Severe and my second Dv888 also in black cause i love them so much. i think i got a pair of snow tires too so im prepared when the ones in my Ava wear out.

You should get a Y Factor, there great! And just in your price range.