888x problems

Anybody else notice the 888x attracts lots and lots of fingerprints and lint? It might just be the color (black) but it seems i have to constantly be cleaning it.

I have a purple one and I don’t notice any of that. Must be the black one shows up more or clings better to it.

I have to agree. I have a blue one, and I haven’t seen anything. Lots of things can show up on a gloss black, so that may be why you’re noticing it so easily

Kit dosent seem to show up on my dad’s blue one, so i geuss its just he color. Thanks!

I swear my yoyo attracts dust from every corner of the universe. No idea why, but every yoyo does it.

i have a black one as well and lint shows up sooooooo bad! but eventually the finger print problem will go away (the fact that ive cleaned it with a rag and all purpose clener may have done something). just play with it and when you take it out of your pocket either blow on the side or wipe on the inside edge with your finger. hope i helped! ;D

Yeah i got a black one too. Inside the rims its ALWAYS dusty. But i guess that goes for all my black throws. 54 included

I have a black one too but I havn’t noticed anything


Was is needed?

Not at all.