888x HELP

I just received my Yoyo Factory 888x today, and right out of the box, the yoyo will only sleep for 30 SECONDS :’( :’( :’(. This is REALLY making me mad, since I put down 100 dollars for this yoyo. Can anyone help me with this?

how does it stop spinning does it spin out? when you flick the bearing how long does it sping? it might just be your throw. just keep trying if you need help pm me cause i probobly wont check the thread again

Calm down, try opening the halves of the yoyo. Spin the bearings and see how long they spin (should spin at least 5 seconds if brand new and heavily lubed). If it does not spin well, check if there is anything stuck in it. If nothing then try to clean the bearings in mineral spirits or zipper lighter fluid and then spin it again. Please note that try to be careful when removing the bearing from the yoyo as it may be quite tight. Try using a pair of pliers and a piece of cloth wrapped around the bearings first before removal.

How long have you been playing? I’d say expect around the same spin time as a cheaper yoyo… or a cheaper good yoyo. The metal’s still worth it. You’ve got the spinny things on the side (the name escapes me) You got a good, metallic grinding surface, and a way better tuned yoyo. But you aren’t gonna get a better spin time unless you can do it yourself.

Or… if I’m completely wrong and you are experienced, and get a spin for over a minute on another yoyo, then it’s the 888x.