888 Problem

My 888 is tug responsive if I jerk it half way up. I also can barely make it sleep through the trick Red Clover when my C13 and Dv888 have plenty of spintime left after the trick. Does anyone know what the problem is?

I bet you got a hair or something in your bearing. Deshield it if its not and clean it. Then lightly thin lube it. You should be golden.

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I already cleaned the bearing. When I spin the bearing it feels like something is in it.

Is it new? It might need some breaking in…

Take it apart, and see these,

1)Are the pads sticking out at all? make sure there all the way in and flush…
2) is there a hair on the axle or anything?
3) anything in the bearing seat?
3) is the axle bent? If so contact YYF

Alright… If all theses are fine then it might be the bearing a quick check is to put a bearing you know works well into the 888 and trying it… if its still responsive its the yoyo, if not its the bearing…

Now if its the yoyo check the above list again…

If its the bearing try to clean it… Lube it if you have lube… If not run it dry…

After all this, if it still doesn’t work Im not sure what it is…

Good luck!

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I cant get the C- Clip out of the bearing.

pic? you can alwys get a c clip out, try the other way i have that alot you just hold it upside down to get teh right side of the c clip.

I think you should git another bearing, ORRRRRR check the stacks clean the stacks and make sure there in right.And not crucked.
Good luck :wink:

it’s fine. my 888 did that too. just wait, and play. should take about 3 more days. it’s alright.

Stacks have nothing to do with it.

I cleaned the bearing again and it works fine. Thanks guys!
P.S. My 888 is not new.