888x hard to bind?

got a 888x for christmas from my loving fiance! i LOVE it! (wish it was a bit bigger).

anyway, i was useing a dark magic 2 before and idk if its just me or what but its alot harder to get a good bind on the 888 then the DM2.

i can pull just a bit of string to bind the dm2 but the 888x i have to throw half the string into it to get it too bind back up.

maybe im doing something wrong? is there another piece i need to put in or something…?

The 888 has wider gap so it will be harder to bind. You just need to bind more aggressively, that is all.

someone said there was another axel in the box that i need for unresponsive play? could that be my issue?

The other axle is simply a spare in case you strip/loose the stock one. They may have been referring to the bearing.

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The DMII also has little lips that go over the bearing a bit. These combined with the plastic increase friction a bit making it more likely to snag, it the little lips are chipped a bit.

If you want more response just add a drop of lube to the bearing. It’s just that easy ;D. As the lube breaks in I bet you’re binding will evolve naturally and it wont feel like such a big deal.


…and you might try ordering the green pads of the same size off of yye’s shop. They seem to grip a little bit tighter which might help compensate for such a big gap. Or if you know how to silicone, then give that a go.

I have found that for the most part, my “regular bind” is more than sufficient to get anything back. But, there are exceptions. I have a few where I need to put more string into the gap before they’ll bind back. Some don’t need so much string. If you know what you’re doing, you’ll adjust fairly quick.

Just pinch the string when you bind; that will force the string to wrap around the bearing.

one things I found helps and makes it so you don’t need nearly as much string is to turn your finger sideways when you bind.