888x, 888 classic or superstar

Hei I Wanna buy a new yoyo soon, but i dont know what sort of yoyo I should choose. I want 888x, 888 classic and superstar, but dont know which of them i should choose.
I just have one yoyo and that is my dark magic, but i want to move on and try a new yoyo. I am good at slack and whips Ok at string trick, but not so good at grinds, so what do you think I should buy?

Sorry for my bad english. I come from norway.

Your english was better than most people on this forum that live in the U.S. :wink:

Which 888 are you talking about when you say 888 classic? There are several different years in that.

What are some of your preferences? Do you want a small yoyo for a large yoyo? Round or h-shape? If you don’t know, you’ll just have to pick to try them out.

The 2007 version of the classic one. As I said I Only have one yoyo, and have tried one yoyo so I dont now what fits best for me. I want a yoyo thats sleep for a long time so I can do long string tricks like skin the gerbil. It has to be unresponsive of course so I can do whips. An thumb grind would be fine but not needed. Any advise what I should by.

Well, any yoyo, made these days especially, can sleep longer than you would probably ever need. Also, you don’t need unresponsive to do any tricks. Name a trick and I bet it can and has been done with a responsive yoyo.

I would personally recommend that you get a few plastics with different specs, then maybe a low end metal so that you can get a feel for some different metal as well as some different shapes and sizes and stuff.

Skin the gerbil is pretty fast,

why all the expensive yoyos?
Try a fundametal, cheap and they work, or a protostar, or a metal rimmed yyj, the list goes on.

Laceration? Ninja Vanish? Whips??? LOL :smiley:

But almost every yoyo can fulfill your requirements. You have a DM. Why do you want to change yoyos? Is it because the dark magic is too ______ (fill in the blank)? If we know what you don’t want, then maybe we can find out what you want.

All can be done. Mrcnja loves Ninja Vanish on Proyos. I can easily do lacerations on freshly-siliconed-small-gapped SFHGs. Whips, well, talk to ed about those, but he does them like crazy on No-Jives.