888 yellow splash -- blue DV888-- Addiction Pre-production--FS

(SenorYOYO) #1

Hey ;D guys these yoyos are great throws! The 888 is a 2009 and has a few pin sized scuffs that you cannot feel and which do not effect play at all. I need some dinero for school, so I have sadly had to cut back my yoyo collection.
The Addiction is in mint condition, plays beautifully.

PM me offers, thanks throwers!
money/yoyo combinations may be acceptable make me an offer!

Trade interests(would rather sell though):
Yellow or Black Project2



Addiction Pre-production model $100



(Cameron (and his yoyo)) #2

Dude thats a tight yo. If I didn’t have my 888 already I would be all over that. Black and yellow FTW!

(G5 Warrior) #3

sweet throw looks awesome

(G5 Warrior) #4

i actually might be interested i have no money though but i have a 30 gig i-pod that i will trade if my dad lets me i will try to get pics soon

(Cameron (and his yoyo)) #5

Omg! Why didn’t I think of that!


how much will you sell it for i have got about $80.

(Mitch Ginder) #7

so you aren’t taking trades?

(Cameron (and his yoyo)) #8

Man I want that sexy throw! Do you need an iPod?

(SenorYOYO) #9

Sorry not lookin to trade, and sorry I guys I dont really need an Ipod. BUt I am selling for $80 so anyone interested let me know. And yes this yoyo is extremely sexy 8) , when I throw this bad-boy the lady’s literally flock to me! I have to beat them off with a bat! :wink:
If any of you guys have seen an AXE commercial its alot like that but even more intense!!!


i have got $80


i have 80 dollars and deeeeeefffffff want the 888

(ThRoW-b0t) #13

hey, I am interested in your addiciton. do you still have it? is it in the kind of shape that you have it there? I will give you a pre-pro purple rain genesis (no writing) that has a few dings, but it is DEAD smooth, plus cash. Or I could throw in a legacy or a grind machine, plus like 20 bucks also.



(system) #15