Original 2007 Yoyofactory 888, Vyolence Edition Cut for sale

Hi guys, I have sell a Mint condition 2007 Yoyofactory 888. I believe that this one is from the first edition of 888s ever made because it does not have the YYF premium collections logo. Please correct if me if I’m wrong. I would like to ask for $95 for this one however I’m not sure how accurate this pricing is. Feel free to offer I’ll consider them all as long as they’re not ridiculous. I can ship worldwide from Canada, however if you live in a different continent shipping might become slightly expensive and I’d recommend using tracking/insurance for your package. I dont have a single trade reference on this forum, however I have 40 positive ones on yoyonation, dont think I’m allowed to link there though. I accept mostly paypal.

More Pictures Upon Request


I can also include a brand new Dif-E-Yo Concave Bearing for 10$. The yo-yo plays much much better with it.

Next I have a Mint Condition Vyolence Edition Cut, Hspin. One of the best yo-yos by Hspin. Limited run of 39. Looking for $105 with konkave bearing included.

Please PM or reply to this post. Thanks!!

Have an offer already, one more bump to see if anyone is interested in making a better offer.

The offer fell through. It’s up for grabs again!

You need your own original pictures. just saying the yoyo is mint doesn’t show that you actually have it in your position.

Good point. Will get the pic up asap.

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