FT/FS: Yoyofactory 888x- Violet

Hey everyone, I have a violet yoyofactory 888x for sale or trade. I’m asking $70 shipped. This was my first metal throw so its a little hard to part with, it has 20-25 scratches, dings, and chips. It’s beat up around the rims but it still plays like the day I bought it. Very smooth yoyo, great price, like I said there are many dings and chips. Comes with a brand new caribou lodge bearing (i took off the bearing cover to clean it). Pm me if you are interested. Damage is shown in pics, however the yoyo is so shiny not all of the damage can be seen. I tried my best to get good pics of the worst damage. Paypal only please!

I will consider all resonable trade offers, also if your trade is of higher value I will pay up to $25 extra for it and/or offer deal sweeteners like a 25 pack of orange string and 2 brand new speed bearings. Please don’t be offended if I say no.

Wants- YYF Boss, Battosai, Punchline, New Wing, Rev 1 Over Haul, Juggernaut… anything really, offer up!

Is this IT ;D ;D ;D
Its beautiful!

this is gone, traded to mlewis38 :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: hope you love it mike!